Whatever It Takes

Our Westford location has 50 acres of fun, from the Ice Cream Stand to the Grill & Seafood Shack to an array of activities. During peak season it can get quite crowded and busy — and while our guests focus on the fun, we have folks behind the scenes working hard to ensure everything is safe for those who visit and work here at the Farm.

Meet Scott Gray, Kimball Farm’s Head of Safety, and you’ll quickly see what his team’s motto “We do whatever it takes” really means.

How long have you worked at Kimball Farm?

I’m closing in on 10 years. I started out part-time but the last 5-6 years I’ve been here full-time. I fell in love with the Farm and business and am very proud of what I’ve accomplished. Of course I couldn’t do it alone — I have a crew of about 50 employees, including a core group of managers. We oversee the operations of all the parking lots, the cleanliness of the Farm and grounds, as well as safety and security of our customers and business. And we answer a lot of questions from guests!

What do you love most about your job?

My co-workers and the customers, the hustle and bustle of a busy day. Never having 2 days alike keeps me coming back for more. We have more laughs and fun here, something is always going on. And just when you think you can take a breather, or you’re taking your first bite of the sandwich you ordered an hour ago, the radio goes off and you’re off to the next situation. You never “work” a day when you love what you do!

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

Keeping all of our guests, co-workers and the Farm safe from harm, injuries and damage is priority #1. We give out hundreds of Band-Aids for small scrapes and bruises caused by over-excitement and falling while running. The three most common words heard are “please don’t run!” Sometimes we have serious emergencies on the Farm that need immediate medical attention. All of our Safety Supervisors have CPR and Basic Life Saving Training. We’re backed up by Westford Fire and Police and we have protocols in place in case an emergency is declared.

What are the top 3 things the safety team deals with?

Lost children and lost parents, medical emergencies, and the general safety for thousands of daily visitors! Oh, and answering all the questions!!

What does your team handle that may surprise people?

We oversee the opening, closing and feeding of the goats. We also assist with water, crowd control and loading and unloading the ponies!

What do you think is the “best kept secret” about Kimball Farm?

Definitely the handmade onion rings at the Grill & Seafood Shack! Incredible. If you haven’t tried them, you’ll wonder what took you so long to find the BEST onion rings you’ve ever had.

Can you tell us the combo to the lock on the safe that holds the ice cream recipes?

OH NO! Jill keeps that a very guarded secret. The last guy that tried to get them, he ended up behind a wall in our Mini Golf Mine. Look for the small window in the tunnels, you can see what happened, I can’t say anymore. SSSHHHH!

What happens at Kimball Farm after it closes for the season?

Lots and lots of work. Everything you see out on the Farm during the season has to be put away for the winter. It takes about 6 weeks to break everything down and store it away until spring. Tents come down, equipment is put away, 350 wooden picnic tables are cleaned, moved, painted and stored. Buildings are winterized and winter projects start to get a jump on weather.

What’s it like getting everything open and running in the spring?

Opposite of the fall, except we usually have less time and fewer employees to put it all back in place and get ready to open! It’s the same stuff each year but somehow it feels different depending on the order we follow.

What’s your favorite order at the Ice Cream Stand and Grill & Seafood Shack?

My favorite ice cream is M&M or a classic vanilla shake. At the Grill, those Onion Rings are the best!

Scott and his team are getting everything ready to open up in the spring — check back for hours and updates! And next time you pay us a visit remember… please don’t run!