Carlisle, MA – Kimball Farm



Carlisle, MA

  • 343 Bedford Rd. (Rt. 225) Carlisle, MA 01741
    (978) 369-1910
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  • Ice Cream:
    Closed for season

Kimball Farm Carlisle opened its windows in 1987. The Bates family owned and operated the property as a dairy farm, delivering milk to many of the surrounding towns. The farm had a self service room with fresh milk, eggs, butter and cheese … and ice cream. When the Bates were ready to retire, the Kimball family leased the farm for a couple of years and then bought it. Kimball Carlisle is popular in part because of its lovely setting. A relaxed, serene atmosphere greets visitors, who enjoy delicious Kimball Farm ice cream while looking out over fields, farms and meadows.