Are you open yet?

When you work at Kimball Farm’s main office, you get this question a lot! We love when people let us know they’re excited for opening day…

We sat down with Skylar Whitney, Kimball’s Office Manager & Payroll Administrator, to get a glimpse of what it’s like to work on the “business” side of Kimball Farm. What we didn’t expect were the golf tips!

How long have you worked at Kimball Farm?

I started out as a Bumper Boat employee in 2016, so this will be my 8th season! In 2018 I left my role as a Ride Attendant behind, and moved into the Westford Main Office to work in an Accounting-related position. After 3 years focusing on Accounts Receivables, I “graduated” to my current role as Office Manager and Payroll Administrator.

What do you love most about your job?

When the season gets busy, and you find yourself working hard, it’s nice to take a step outside and remember that you’re working at Kimball Farm! It’s easy to get buried in Payroll or be focused on reports… I like that I can take a break and walk out to the activities and feel the energy of people having fun. Also, my dog Louie gets to work alongside me in the office!

You obviously work at Kimball’s year-round… how would you describe the vibe of each season?

Each season is very different here! Winter is relaxing and quiet; Spring is anticipatory, like the summit of a rollercoaster; Summer is fast, furious, and exciting; and Fall is the calm after the storm, and time for shutdown!

I understand you often field phone calls from the public — what’s the most common question people ask? What’s the most unusual question you’ve gotten?

The most common question is definitely “Are you open yet?” And I’ll never forget the strangest: “Did your peacock escape? If so, it’s in our yard.”

What “secrets” about Kimball Farm can you share with us?

Hole 18 of the Forbidden Mine Mini Golf course is a double hole…. to beat your friends at this one, just aim for the top-middle of the first hole and it will spit you out right at the second!

In Westford, which activity is most popular during the summer? And which tends to be less crowded and people should make time to visit?

The most popular activity is definitely Mini Golf, because it’s perfect for families, date nights, and really just for people of all ages. BUT, the Pitch ‘N Putt is a favorite (especially among employees) since you get to work on your golf game without the pressure of paying for a public golf course. Nobody will tell if you move your ball closer after a bad shot!

I’ve heard that Kimball’s has outdoor live music in the summer – what can you tell us about that?

The Summer Outdoor Music Series is a refreshing change from what you normally see here! The live music feels like you’re at a concert while still having the access to amusement rides, ice cream, and seafood. It’s a totally different feel from the normal excitement and crowds seen here on a summer day. And best of all, the shows are free! We’ll be announcing our Summer 2023 line-up soon, so be sure to check here for the schedule.

What are your favorite things to order at the Ice Cream stand, Grill & Seafood Shack, and Country Store Cafe?

I have a few “usual” orders here that when the managers see me, they already know what I’m coming for. Jill will always have an Oreo ice cream waiting, Steve and Nicole at the Grill know I can’t resist the temptation of the smell of chicken tenders. And through the winter, Jess in the Country Store always makes sure to have a Turkey BLT (on wheat, no tomato) ready for me! Being close-knit with everyone has its perks!

Have a question for us? Check out our FAQs, send us a message, or give us a call. And next time you’re strolling around at the Westford location, if you happen to see Skylar and Louie, be sure to say hello!