Westford Ice Cream Opening: March 26, 2020

To Our Loyal Kimball Farm Customers:

This has been an extremely difficult time for everyone. Life as we know it has dramatically taken a turn that none of us expected to endure. As a family-run business, our single greatest mission is to provide our customers with a quality product that brings nothing but sentiments of happiness, familiarity and satisfaction. We have carefully taken into consideration all of the advice, commentary, rules and requirements, processes and procedures to craft a safe and limited-interaction process for take-away service. Ultimately, we feel that we want to bring some joy, smiles and normalcy into your homes. The State’s COVID-19 Essential Services document “encourages” food establishments to provide this service and we have the ability to do that with the utmost safety precautions, adherence to the State’s protocols and constant collaboration with local authorities.

We are all going through this together and with that we believe we can have a positive impact on our community by allowing a limited take-away menu with strict controls over crowd and line management. This will not be the “mob scene” you may think of, or the lengthy lines of people standing outside our stand, but instead a new drive-up configuration managed by parking lot attendants, limited service windows appropriately spaced apart and simplified menu for efficient counter pick-up, served by gloved employees while separate cashiers take payment. Our process will be very similar to other local ice cream shops, as well as restaurants and liquor stores still serving take-away, yet ours is outdoors with screens that separate the customer from the employee.

While we do expect some will disagree, we sincerely hope that as members of our community you can respect our decision to move forward with our original opening day (at reduced operating hours) to keep some of our employees employed, our supply chain supported, our sweet indulgences satisfied and our general outlook uplifted. However, if you do not feel comfortable coming out, please do not! We will continually monitor our operation, the health of our employees and the integrity of our process to deliver the highest quality product safely. Please refer to the set of instructions we have posted on our website for additional information.

We hope that you will join us in meeting the goal of providing the best customer experience possible given the difficult situation. As always, we thank you for your patronage.

The Kimball Family

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