Food Order
& Pick-Up Process



WESTFORD-ICE CREAM WINDOW ORDER ENTRY: There is no car entry at the front of the ice cream stand. Every car enters via the secondary back road, located 300 yards from the main entrance (prior to the entrance, if coming from Littleton, after the entrance, if coming from Westford). Signs are marked and personnel is directing traffic. Cars are led down the access road, past the batting cages, where the line forms.

LANCASTER-WINDOW ORDER ENTRY: Look for entrance signs at one end of the parking lot. Signs are marked and personnel is directing traffic.

Everyone must remain in their vehicle. You will be given a modified ice cream menu or grill menu (menus are also available online) to determine your treats prior to counter service. Cars remained lined up until you are instructed to proceed upon direction from parking lot personnel. Once parked, you will be instructed to a specific appropriately spaced-out open service window. All customers must be prepared to get out of their car (max 2 persons per vehicle) and walk up to the counter to place and pay for their order. Personnel are there to instruct and ensure no standing line forms. Cashiers are different personnel from the scoopers to ensure additional safety precautions. Please note banana splits/Kimball Specials are not offered for counter service so if these items are on your wish list, please call ahead and order a Sundae Party to go (Westford & Lancaster Only)!

WESTFORD ONLY-ONLINE ORDER PICK-UP: We are accepting telephone and online orders for a minimum purchase of $20 or more and payment is taken in advance with a credit card. Upon arrival, proceed to the parking lot directly across the street from the main ice cream stand. Look for the “Online & Phone Pre-Order Pick Up” signs located near the main entrance. Orders will be waiting for pick-up through our trolley. Please have your order number and name ready. Follow instruction by parking lot attendants and a staff person will bring your order to your car when it is your turn. You will not need to get out of the car. Delivery is not available at this time. Cash payments are not accepted.

Departing: Once you have obtained all take away items, we request that you return to your vehicle and vacate the front parking lot via the main entrance for the next customer to occupy your space. At this time, there is no on-premises dining or remaining in your parked car to enjoy your ice cream/food on the property. We kindly ask that you respectfully enjoy your treat elsewhere.

JAFFREY-WINDOW ORDERING: Walk-up service is available, however we require that you maintain social distancing guidelines and line up six feet behind other patrons. We encourage take away service for both Grill and Ice Cream, but there are limited picnic tables on a first come, first serve basis. Counters and tables will be cleaned between customers. Please be considerate of other guests waiting and do not linger.

We hope that everyone can understand the process we have implemented due to the current circumstances. We want the experience to be fun, and safe for all of our dedicated & loyal patrons! Please help us make this a smooth process for all!

The Kimball Family