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The History of Kimball Farm

Famous since 1939 for legendary ice cream, Kimball Farm has grown at a memorable rate. The farmhouse in Westford that is now the ice cream stand began as a dairy barn in 1908. At that time the Kimball family sold milk wholesale. In 1934 John (Jack) Allen Kimball and his wife Clara considered processing the milk and selling it house to house. This idea never came to be. As fate would have it, around this same time, two salesmen stopped by. One was selling his freezer cabinets, the other his ice cream mix. They suggested the Kimballs make ice cream. Jack and Clara took a leap of faith and in 1939 turned the woodshed on the end of the house into an ice cream parlor.

Over the years, Kimball Farm ice cream became more popular and the family made a name for themselves. Jack eventually decided to eliminate the dairy aspect of the farm and in order to focus on ice cream. In 1975, Jack and Clara moved the ice cream operation into the barn where it remains today,
becoming the first location of the famous Kimball Farm Ice Cream. Jack ran the business and his three children worked in the ice cream stand. The original flavors included maple walnut, frozen pudding and peppermint stick. In the beginning, a quart of ice cream sold for seventy cents, a cone for five cents and banana splits for twenty-five cents.

In 1988, the business was passed down to Jack’s grandsons, Michael and Peter Kimball, who run the business today. Since taking charge, they have expanded the business, adding three more locations. In 1989 Kimball Farm added an ice cream stand in Carlisle, MA. Following this came a driving range, nine hole pitch & putt golf course, adventure style mini-golf & a 6000 sq. ft. bumper boat pond along with an outdoor luncheon grill & seafood shack, all at the original Westford, MA, location.

In 1995, the family acquired a new site in Jaffrey, NH. The restaurant, ice cream stand and country store are popular with visitors from near and far. Kimball Farm in Jaffrey is on the site of Silver Ranch and receives deliveries of fresh ice cream several times a week.

In 2010 the Olde Sawmill Arcade and Grand Slam Batting cages were added to the Westford location; at the same time, the family opened the latest Kimball Farm location in Lancaster, MA featuring the same great ice cream, Outdoor Grill & Seafood Shack and Country Store.

The Farm continues to grow. In 2016 two new attractions were added at the Westford location. The Soaring Eagle Zip Line ride and the Spin Zone.